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New Webpage is Online

I have revamped the HCL wizard webpage to provide a more responsive and nicer looking site. Furthermore, the online color map creator has been replaced - I hope that everyone is satisfied with the new look and feel!

Welcome on the new hclwizard website. Please note that not everything is completely finished. There might be some theme-based weird texts and non-working buttons. However, most should work.

New Content

The first shot was the new page including all the migration and theme adaption plus the new shiny-based online HCL color map creator.

New content will follor towards the end of the year.

The new online HCL color map creator

The new version of the interactive palette chooser is online. This new system is in a late beta, there might be minor problems. If you have troubles or something does not work as expected please just let me know! reto.stauffer|at|

Good night!


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