Small Bugfixes

Small Bugfixes

I just got informed about two smaller bugs on the new page. Thanks to Fernando!

I’ve just received a bug report from one of our users regarding my own e-mail address and the matlab export. Might not be the last bugs which exist, if you spot some more please just let me know!

Special thanks to Fernando!

e-Mail Address

There was a typo in my own e-mail address. What a shame! That’s a nice way of preventing spam mails :). The address is fixed now.

HCL Wizard Matlab Export

The matlab exporter returned RGG instead of RGB values (two times green). Bug is fixed now.

HCL Wizard Spectrum

Maybe you did not run into that problem: whenever H1/H2, L1/L2, C1/C2 were identical, or N was set to two, the app crashed due to an internal integer/numeric failure. Fixed.

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