Using port 80 rather than specific shiny-server port

Shiny Now Available via Standard Ports

We've noticed some problems for some people sitting behind restrictive firewalls or filters as they have not been able to access hclwizard/hclconverter on port 64230. Both shiny apps are now available via standard port which should solve this problem.

Shiny Server

We are using a shiny server to provide web-access to the R colorspace features including the HCLwizard and HCLconverter at the moment.

In the past these apps have been made available on a specific port (64230; our shiny server port) which caused some problems. Certain users were not able to use the apps as something between them and us blocked this port. We are now using a proxy which makes both apps available via the standard port (80) which should solve this problem.

For all those having had problems in the past: sorry for any inconvenience! If someone encounters new or not yet resolved problems with the apps please do not hesitate to contact us (see About me).

All best and have a lovely day, Reto

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