A python implementation of the wonderful R colorspace package.

Python-colorspace beta release

It has been quite a while since I've posted some news here. But today there are some good news for python enthusiasts! I have decided to release an early beta version of the python colorspace package!

The python colorspace package

For those who are already familiar with the R colorspace package

I have had some “free time” over the last two weeks and decided to implement the well known R colorspace package package in python. The result is a new Python 2.7 and Python 3.6+ ready package called python colorspace which provides the same features and methods as the R colorspace package.

Not all, but most of the methods are already implemented. However, please keep in mind that the package is an early beta release. For those interested: give it a shot! More information is available on https://retostauffer.org/news/python-colorspace-v0.1.0!

Just a teaser!

Feel free to report bugs, other issues, or directly contribute to the package (or to improve my python code, I’m not a regular py user ;)).

As a side note: lot of effort has been spent over the last few months to extend and improve the R package (by Achim Zeileis, Claus O. Wilke, Reto Stauffer, and others). A new release candidate should become available not too far from now. Stay tuned!

All best!


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