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update – Brand New & Hot

New Webpage is Online

HCL Wizard News I have revamped the HCL wizard webpage to provide a more responsive and nicer looking site. Furthermore, the online color map creator has been replaced - I hope that everyone is satisfied with the new look and feel! Read More ›


Broken HCL Creator [fixed]

We have had a problem with one of our online creator interfaces. Should be fixed, sorry for any inconvenience Read More ›


Thank you for your interest!

I would like to thank all of you for your great interest. Read More ›


Typo in BAMS Article

For those who tried to reproduce the color maps from the BAMS article: I have to appologize that there is a small typo. Fix can be found here. Read More ›


New Export Button

On user request, I've added a small new feature. It is now possible to export color maps directly via browser and download the corresponding RGB or HEX values. Read More ›