Hello and Welcome!

Welcome on the new website HCL wizard. This page will provide you with useful information, examples, and tools regardint the HCL color space.

I would like to welcome you on this webpage. As you have maybe seen the domain name is not really connected to the content of the page. The page is currently running on a personal webspace and is still under development. In the near future we would like to be reachable on a more obvious domain.

So, what is this page about? During the last few months we were working with a color space called Hue-Chroma-Luminance (HCL) which has a lot of benefits compared to the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color scheme which is mostly used. This page will give you some information what the HCL color space is, where the problems of the RGB color space are and how to use the HCL space for your personal work. Furthermore there is an online interface where you can create your own color palettes and directly use them for your current projects if you like.

Best wishes, Reto