Campain Against Rainbow Color Palettes

There is a campain against the (in)famous rainbow color palette. Absolutely worth to read!

Today I received an e-mail from a college about a campain against rainbow color paettes in climate science. The campain was started by Ed Hawkings, Doug McNeall, David Stephenson, Johnny Williams, and Dave Carlson working in different institutions in Europe. It’s nice to see that different groups try to inform the users on how to use better color schemes than the default ones. More information can be found on their website and on twitter using the #endrainbow hashtag. The original e-mail by Dough McNeall:

Hi all,

A group of scientists (including me) have written an open letter to the climate science community, calling for people to use alternatives to the default “Rainbow” type colour scheme. Rainbow can distort perception of data, and can be useless for those with colour blindess (about 8% of the male population, 0.4% of the female population).

The letter is mirrored here on my data visualisation blog.

We’d really appreciate your support, comments (negative or positive), resources, and ideas. We’re also making a pledge not to write papers using the Rainbow colour scheme.

Thanks, Doug

Best wishes, Reto