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A python implementation of the wonderful R colorspace package. › Python-colorspace beta release
It has been quite a while since I've posted some news here. But today there are some good news for python enthusiasts! I have decided to release an early beta version of the python colorspace package! Read More ›

Using port 80 rather than specific shiny-server port › Shiny Now Available via Standard Ports
We've noticed some problems for some people sitting behind restrictive firewalls or filters as they have not been able to access hclwizard/hclconverter on port 64230. Both shiny apps are now available via standard port which should solve this problem. Read More ›

New shiny application to check your images for color issues! › New Feature on HCLwizard.org!
A new feature was just released on HCLwizard.org. The HCLconverter allows to upload an existing png/jpg/jpeg image and check for possible color-blindness issues. The uploaded image will be converted to different color-blind vision. Have a look before you publish! Read More ›

Rainbow Colors in Weather Maps › Why So Many Weather Maps Are Rainbow-Colored
Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan has published a nice little article about the use of rainbow colors in wehater maps. Read More ›

Small Bugfixes › Small Bugfixes
I just got informed about two smaller bugs on the new page. Thanks to Fernando! Read More ›

Website Updates › Website Updates
A few contents have been extended and changed, and some smaller bugs have been removed since the new page is online. Read More ›

Brand New & Hot › New Webpage is Online
I have revamped the HCL wizard webpage to provide a more responsive and nicer looking site. Furthermore, the online color map creator has been replaced - I hope that everyone is satisfied with the new look and feel! Read More ›

Broken HCL Creator [fixed]
We have had a problem with one of our online creator interfaces. Should be fixed, sorry for any inconvenience Read More ›

Thank you for your interest!
I would like to thank all of you for your great interest. Read More ›

Typo in BAMS Article
For those who tried to reproduce the color maps from the BAMS article: I have to appologize that there is a small typo. Fix can be found here. Read More ›

New Export Button
On user request, I've added a small new feature. It is now possible to export color maps directly via browser and download the corresponding RGB or HEX values. Read More ›

Shiny Version
Currently working on a replacement for the HCL Online creator Read More ›

Troubles with the Update?
A user just sent me a notification that there might be some problems with the online HCL creator due to some changes in the backend. Read More ›

Back-end Update
There was some maintenance on the HCL online tool. If there were any problems the last few hours - sorry, my fault! Read More ›

Campain Against Rainbow Color Palettes
There is a campain against the (in)famous rainbow color palette. Absolutely worth to read! Read More ›

Hello and Welcome!
Welcome on the new website HCL wizard. This page will provide you with useful information, examples, and tools regardint the HCL color space. Read More ›