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About Me

This website is the result of a fruitful discussion back in the year 2013. Achim Zeileis noticed that the weather forecast maps I was periodically looking at all used vivid rainbow color maps and sometimes weird perturbations of the RGB rainbow scheme. We then tried to revamp the color maps used for our own weather forecast visualization using color palettes based on the Hue-Chrome-Luminance color space.

This website was built to provide an interactive online tool which allows everyone to create effective color maps and integrate them in their personal workflow. Ineffective color maps can be avoided. We will raise the awareness and offer you one way how to avoid them.

Get in Contact

You can find the contact information (mail and e-mali address) on this page or use the message form below.

Research Interests

  • Statistical post-processing (weather forecast)
  • Distributional regression models
  • Probabilistic diagnosis and prediction

Professional Activities